Table of Contents

Development Robot Installation

  1. Install FTP client (FileZila –
  2. After installation is done, start FTP client and enter following credentials and press Quickconnect:
    Username: u260112-sub3
    Password: MSZnxJLfqmkPlFBw
  3. In popup window “Unknown certificate” click OK.
  4. Find file number Release4274
  5. Right click on file Release4274 enables download (it takes cca. 4 to 5 minutes). Remember destination path where files will be saved.
  6. After installation is done, go to destination path from step 5. Find folder with the number Release4274 -> Setup -> en-us -> RecorderRobotSetup.msi (double click) and it opens the Wizard.
  7. Start RecorderRobotSetup.msi Wizard by clicking the “Next” button.
  8. Accept the terms in the “End-User Licence Agreement“ and press Next.
  9. Choose installation folder and press Next.
  10. Choose “Development Robot” option and press Next.
  11. For HQ Server field type in: and click Next.
    NOTE: do not copy-paste this link (right click or similar), but please type in the field “HQ Server” this https address.
  12. Install the robot.
  13. Finish the installation.
  14. Verify in Task manager that you can see the RobotiqHandler process Running.


Recorder, Robot and Handler logs can be found by typing: %appdata%

then: Robotiq -> logs

When you enter process editor, if something went wrong during the installation, you will notice red triangle.

By clicking on it, the dialog will show up. You should provide the data from Handler Monitoring tool. It is an app that is up and running right after login to the machine.