Skip the 1-hour sales pitch for pricing information

We do offer a demo, but you can get a rough estimate long before contacting us.

We know how frustrating it can be to schedule numerous demos and wait for one hour straight just to get a rough estimate that doesn’t fit into your budget.

Even worse, you finally find the pricing section – yet the fine print section is longer than the list of benefits you actually get.

In the end, if you happen to buy the RPA product but miss a tiny detail in the T&C, you end up with a sandbox solution that covers just the basics, yet costs like a full department of people.

"60% of [automation] licences were unused"

Simple licencing, no limitations

No limits on users, functions, support… The only licence you’d have to pay is for the Digital Teammate. The licence includes everything, even the access to the HQ where you can oversee and manage it, and create your processes.

Digital Teammate


4 hours per day

  • HQ + a Digital Teammate
  • Unlimited processes
  • Unlimited users
  • Available 24-7

600 EUR/month

7200 EUR/year

*ecxl. VAT

Digital Teammate


8 hours per day

  • HQ + a Digital Teammate
  • Unlimited processes
  • Unlimited users
  • Available 24-7

800 EUR/month

9600 EUR/year

*ecxl. VAT

Simple implementation and support costs. No upfront payments.

Explore automation tension-free.

Our clients report paying horrendous amounts of money for complex sandbox solutions, and then paying again just to set it up, and then again to get decent support. Our packages include everything.

The monthly price includes all implementation phases – business analysis, development, testing, and stabilization, as well as regular updates, maintenance, and support.

Process complexity Implementation duration Monthly price (excl. VAT)
Low 2 – 3 weeks 300 €
Medium 3 – 5 weeks 500 €
High 5 – 8 weeks 700 €

*The level of complexity is defined by many factors: number of steps, number of process steps, number of applications used in the process, the complexity of business rules and exceptions, SLA requirements, and others.

Here’s an example

Let’s say you automate 3 processes (one of low complexity and 2 medium). You need one full-time robot (8 hours) for all processes to work.
The licence for the robot would be 800 EUR per month. The pricing for the development of processes, implementation, and support is 300 + 500 + 500 EUR per month.

Your monthly invoice would be 2100 EUR. That’s it. No hidden charges, no additional payments for support or updates. Completely predictable.

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No vendor lock-in

Our contracts are flexible. If you feel you could get a better service elsewhere, we won’t stop you with fine print clauses.

Easy cancelation

If you don’t wish to use the Digital Teammate anymore, just let us know and that’s it.

Minimal strain on your IT

We need a little bit of your help in terms of access, VMs, and permissions. Apart from that, we do the rest – unless you want to own some processes (special deals available!).


Yes, but the software has to be available through internet so the HQ could connect and activate the robot. If we set up a VPN, it’s possible.

The unattended mode means that robots run on the virtual machine in the data center. We don’t install them on local computers.

Your monthly subscription includes maintenance from our side.
Please note: Larger tasks (more than two hours of maintenance) may incur additional charges, but we’ll let you know about that on time.

We need to adjust the robots accordingly then. Minor tweaks (up to 2-3 hours) are free of charge. Larger changes may lead to additional charges. We’ll let you know on time.

Your monthly licence includes both the Robot and the HQ dashboard.

You’d continue paying for licences only for the bots.

It all comes down to CAPEX. While creating an infrastructure is possible, there are many hidden costs in terms of specialties, integrations, available workforce…

The software robot runs on Windows OS only.
Yet, if you connect to a Linux-based machine, it performs the automation without any problems.

Yes! You can buy the licence for the robot and your RPA department can set it up per your wishes.

You take care of writing the specification, you push us when the implementation gets stuck, you are monitoring robots at begining, you are at your service whenever needed. Thank you. 🙂

IT manager at one of the biggest Telco enterprises in the SEE