A Solution for my Company?

If your company is looking to relieve employees from manual, repetitive, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks and is eager to focus them on more value-adding activities we believe Robotiq.ai is the go-to solution.

Our software automation of repetitive administrative tasks:

  • Speeds up processes by 5-20x compared to human execution
  • Eliminates errors from the process by raising the quality and precision of execution
  • Significantly reduces costs
  • Fast ROI 6-12 months
  • No additional burden on your IT department


Special Benefits of our solution:

  • Simplified process design due to our Process recorder, Vision Centar, and AI implementation
  • Robust, yet simple and straightforward product with just 2 components – Headquarters & The Robot
  • No friction licensing model – monthly payment, all included (Robot license, Implementation & Support)
  • No sign-up fees


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