Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology created for business process automation to help companies scale up their business by eliminating tedious manual and repetitive tasks. With our software robots that replicate human work on the computer, we’re relieving your employees from activities that can easily be automated, allowing them to focus on more value-adding duties.

The full potential of your employees lies in decision-making, intuition, and creative fields, while time-consuming and repetitive activities decrease their value. 


Robotiq.ai Platform

Robotiq.ai is an easy-to-implement, yet robust RPA-powered Digital Teammate.

With it, your employees are relieved from mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks and can focus on providing more value to your company.

Our Digital Teammate operates in completely unattended mode and has the cognitive capability (Vision center) powered by machine learning and neural networks.

Your new digital hire can eliminate human errors, increase security, scalability, efficiency, and save precious time.

Not to mention that a massive advantage of our process automation software, unlike previous technologies, is its ability to technologically transform processes without the need to change them or to switch systems. 

HQ for managing robots and processes

Our RPA Software Offers:

The purpose of the Robotiq.ai software robot is to be a cyber-powered digital teammate, ready to take over manual routine administrative work. With our software robot, employees can focus their brainpower and attention where it’s needed the most. The integration of our RPA platform is simple, and the results and ROI are visible quickly, depending on the number of automated processes.

You can run Robotiq.ai robots on top of any application and deploy them in a matter of days. Another huge benefit of our RPA software is that it doesn’t require any changes to underlying systems and applications.

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