In many business processes, employees use web browsers to acquire specific data, from filling out forms to logging in, downloading files, clicking buttons, or any other action the process may require.

Depending on the task at hand, this process can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone, often leading to false and inaccurate data – possibly even requiring re-doing the entire process from the beginning.

Writing a Custom Script for Web Browser Automation

You can write a new script or edit the existing one for every browser-related process you want to automate. Yet this is expensive and time-consuming, thus inefficient.
Also, the reliability of writing a custom script is questionable. Each script must be high quality to have an effective automated process, and writing a high-quality script is demanding.
When you’re writing multiple scripts – imagine how many errors you would miss, how much googling you would have to do, and so on.
If we consider the factors above, scalability and efficiency are out of the equation from the get-go.

Automating the Browser and Other Applications With One Tool

Many business processes include legacy applications that are by default difficult to automate with a majority of BPA tools, even more so if the process consists of browser-based actions. People are thus required to dedicate their time, effort, and energy to fill in the gaps.

Once in a while, human intervention is acceptable. However, if the process demands more engagement than the occasional intervention, employees waste their precious time on trivial tasks. With an RPA-powered Digital Teammate, these business processes become easily automated.

It’s a long-known fact that human value lies in intelligence, creativity, intuition, and decision-making. Performing repetitive, mundane, and manual tasks – especially time-consuming ones – undermines your employees’ value and efficiency. People perform best when allowed to do challenging, dynamic activities and invest in their professional interests.

A Digital Teammate, Ready to Jump In

Even though companies struggle to increase productivity, they often overlook alternative approaches while relying on humans to execute the entire business process.

Today, there are many ways of automating business processes, all of which usually involve one common feature – a Digital Teammate.

A Digital Teammate connects various activities and executes every manual, repetitive, time-consuming process that uses structured data – from browser manipulation to data management in different applications. Additionally, Digital Teammates, or software robots, are available 24/7, even when you’re enjoying your weekend or holiday.

Return of Investment?

Your employees’ paychecks are, in most cases, earned and well deserved. Investing in a Digital Teammate would increase your employees’ efficiency and satisfaction, allowing them to focus on other talents that provide more value to the company.

The win-win situation here is undeniable, both for the employees and the company itself.

To Wrap it Up

Today, almost every business process is browser-related, making it challenging to automate a specific part of the process, especially when other applications are involved.

Traditional browser automation techniques are inefficient, leaving the process half-automated. In other words, people still need to perform manual, repetitive, and time-consuming activities.

However, new technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), automate processes from beginning to end, allowing us to focus on the activities we love most.