participated in this year’s Job Fair, organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, FER Career Centre, SSFER, and KSET.

It was a pleasure to be among 130 aspiring companies and meet more than 5000 bright future talents in this two-day event.

Surprisingly, even though RPA is still somewhat new, many students were familiar with the technology and wanted to learn more — especially about our R&D department, which constantly works on making our RPA platform more intuitive and easy to use.

We were pleased to see so many future talents interested in such a dynamic and innovative product, and even more so — to see their interest in joining our team and having first-hand experience in shaping the future of human work!

Check out how great it was below! RPA Platform Team on JobFair

To all students, we didn’t have the opportunity to chat with, check out more about us, our product, and what RPA is in general, and feel free to send us your CV at or just contact us to say “Hi!”