FINA is financial government agency providing financial and e-commerce services to public and private sectors.






Founded in 1954
€110 mil.
2.785 employees
195 locations
Turnover €245 mil. Total assets


FINA EU funding department governs the EU projects lifecycle for both internal and external clients. For the internal EU projects, there are about 400 fully dedicated employees.

The initial project plan contains activities for each project role and is in-depth modified monthly by dividing activities into more tasks. The monthly project plan includes projected total working hours per task and per project team member. One of the requirements EU projects administration had is tracking the employee’s daily tasks. That data is collected and stored in different types of excel files.

At the beginning of every month, four project managers spent two days (around 64 hours total) consolidating timesheets for the project’s team members for the previous month and modifying the plan for the next month.

They spent most of the time manually copying the data from different excel files into consolidated excel files, after which they generated excel timesheets based on the consolidated data. They could have spent their time on more value-adding and creative tasks.


FINA utilized Robotiq.ai software robots to handle most parts of the end-to-end process. For example, copying data from different excel file types to database models and generating timesheet excel files. After optimization and automation, the process that took around 64 hours now executes in a total of 8 hours.

The benefits our process automation software brought, among others, were:

Robotiq.ai team deployed our platform for FINA in a hybrid model, with robots operating unattended. Implementation in total lasted eight weeks.

Achieved Results

After presenting the capabilities of Robotiq.ai software robots there was a suspicious part of me. The selected process was complex and challenging. Process analysis and development went smoothly, and in the time frame of 6-8 weeks. The result was beyond my expectations. I have now robots running the boring and demotivating tasks, and more satisfied, highly qualified people that saved their precious time
Agneza Margetić
Service director
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