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10 locations
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BDO Austria accounting department serves more than 3000 active customers. Every month, they have to generate reports from the ERP system and send a monthly tax report to all their clients.

Not to mention how overwhelming and time-consuming this task is. It takes up to 15 minutes to manually generate and email just one report to the customer. As every accountant handles 30-50 clients, it means they lose 1-1.5 days on this task every month.

Without a doubt, they could spend this time on more value-adding and creative tasks.


BDO utilizes Robotiq.ai software robots to handle the whole end-to-end process – from creating reports from the BMD ERP system to creating draft emails for the accountants. For them, we deployed our RPA platform in a hybrid model. Robots operate unattended and do not interfere with employee operations. Implementation lasted six weeks, and it included platform installation, business analysis, development, testing, and production rollout.

Achieved Results

The benefit od using the Robotiq.ai platform was that it was implemented in a short time frame (4-6 weeks), it was not intrusive which meant that little development was required to implement the solution and the benefits was realized immediately.
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